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Mtf East Africa Academy Class Of 2018 Graduation

MTF East Africa Academy Class of 2018 Graduation

Graduation Ceremony for MTF’s 1 st Batch of Academy Students! Along with Certificates of Completion, various students rewarded with exciting opportunities including placements & internships with the New York Film Academy College of Visual & Performing Arts (NYFA) in New York; an Indian Film Industry ‘Bollywood’ production internship with Nihilent Limited in India, a ‘Nollywood’…

Finding Our Way Out Of The Alps – Believe In The Map You Have And You Can Do It

Finding our way out of the Alps – believe in the map you have and you can do it

The great complexity theorist Ralph Stacey once defined most conventional strategy as simply an anxiety-reducing device for managers in a world of mostly unfathomable complexity. The confidence of having a plan at least calms the nerves enough to allow co-ordinated movement, and yes, with movement results can start to happen. It’s not strategy experts that…

Henley Business School Receives The Pmr.africa Platinum Award For The Best Mba Business School In The Country For Second Year Running

Henley Business School receives the PMR.Africa platinum award for the best MBA business school in the country for second year running

5th August 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa JON FOSTER-PEDLEY TO SAY that we are overjoyed by Henley Business School’s back-to-back PMR platinum award for the best MBA business school in the country would be an understatement. We are ecstatic, because it underscores the importance of the journey we set out on in 2011 and affirms the milestones…

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Henley Business School Africa is launching its first master class in enterprise risk management

SOUTH Africa needs businesses, great businesses, to help transform the economy to address our pressing socio-economic issues. To do this it needs great business leaders, but not all business leaders are managers or C-suite executives, in addition to these some of our most important business leaders are company directors. Directors play a critical role ensuring…

The Importance Of Dignity In Ethical Leadership

The importance of dignity in ethical leadership

HENLEY Business School Africa hosted a well-attended breakfast panel and discussion on ‘The importance of dignity in ethical leadership’ on campus on Wednesday 16 July 2019. Business leaders, current students and alumni were able to hear Rabbi David Lapin, the renowned South African born US based business ethicist; Columba CEO Tracy Hackland; RMB CEO James…