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Businesses must ‘do good’ in order to ‘do well’ by dean Jon Foster-Pedley

As we move through the process of the State Capture inquiry, it can still be difficult to understand even the effect of blatant high-level corruption on the average family in South Africa. How can we begin to have conversations about what is fair remuneration for CEOs, or the difference between exploitative and enabling business practices…

Can we change South African capitalism from within?

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a 35-strong group of mostly advanced economy countries, has a cool tool with which you can compare stats about its members. The Better Life Index (BLI) is an attempt to move conversations about national wealth aware from the overly broad metric of GDP, and instead focus on…

Henley Africa’s MBA is the only international MBA on offer in South Africa

For Jonathan Foster-Pedley, Dean and Director of Henley Africa, and Dr Adri Drotskie, Henley Africa’s MBA Director, it was of critical importance that the MBA offered by Henley Africa was family-friendly. The MBA programme is, therefore, a part-time programme that runs over 30-months and provides enough flexibility that students have time for their families, other commitments and their full-time jobs.

South Africa: From Hero to Zero…and Back Again?

Content hosted by iono.fm Setting aside the Gupta fiasco in South Africa, details may soon emerge of the extent that South Africa is now a Russian client-state if investigations into the Russian nuclear deal ever emerge. This was a message at the ‘South Africa from Hero to Zero …. And Back Again?’ event hosted by…