Resilience is the most important skill for the 21st Century; executives need this as the pandemic ensures depression could reach epidemic stage.

Johannesburg: The world has changed at its most rapid pace since the industrial revolution and the Covid-pandemic has accelerated this socio-economic metamorphosis. Where 18 months ago the daily grind included trips to and from the office, reality has created home and workplace conflicts with entirely new mindsets demanded from people. Sans any change in resilience…

Henley’s new NQF Level 5 course ideal for those seeking a foundation in management practice

Henley Africa offers management courses that take learners from NQF Level 5 (Higher Certificate in Management Practice) through to NFQ Level 9 (MBA – Master of Business Administration).  Once they’ve completed the Higher Certificate in Management Practice, they can enroll for Henley’s NQF Level 6 programme – the Accredited Managers’ Programme (Advanced Certificate in Management Practice) as they move into middle management.