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“Trends As Business Strategy” – with Dion Chang

Is your business future-proof and how can it take advantage of “the rise of the machines”? What skills must we ensure our children develop for the future world of work? And are giant retail spaces like malls soon to be ghost towns?

Jon Foster-Pedley, Dean of Henley Africa interrogates these questions and their answers with well known trends guru and analyst, Dion Chang of Flux Trends.

During this show we look at:

  • 00:00 – Are magazines and print media dead (dying)?
  • 3:20 – The origins of Dion’s global citizen identity
  • 8:20 – What is the golden thread seen throughout your career and into trends analysis?
  • 9:31 – “Trends as business strategy” – What is this?


Retail Trend – The Death Of The Mall?

  • 12:20 – How is retail behavior changing and what is the doing to retail space and malls?
  • 16:20 – What is taking the place of the old way of shopping?
  • 16:44 – How is social-commerce different to e-commerce?
  • 18:41 – Tell us more about the “C-office” phenomenon?
  • 19:39 – What characteristic or mindset needs to be nurtured to keep up with these changes?


Jobs Trend – Are The Robots Taking Over?

  • 22:00 – Tell us what is on the horizon?
  • 24:30 – What are the jobs we need to prepare our children for?
  • 30:40 – How do we future-proof our organisations? Can we?
  • And more.

Our guests and experts in the Henley Business Radio studio this week:

  • Dion Chang – Trends Analyst and CEO of Flux Trends


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