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China’s Success Based On Education

2015-10-27 22:53

Students and alumni from Henley Business School Africa, as well as business owners who are clients of Barclays, visited China as part of Henley’s annual business exploration programme.

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Engineering News - 23 October - Local Innovation key to tackling continent's challenges

2015-10-26 01:16

Local innovation will undoubtedly provide solutions faced by Africa, as it sets the tone for progress and enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

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Henley Celebrates 70th Year

2015-10-11 23:51

Henley Business School in the UK celebrates its 70th anniversary this October while Henley Business School Africa celebrates its 25th year. Henley UK was established at the end of the Second World War when a group of forward-looking people saw the need for Britain to understand organisational processes if the war was to be won and the country rebuilt.

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