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Hidden Heroes Scholarship Application

Applicable to all Henley programmes

In society, certain individuals emerge as vital contributors to the communities they serve. These Hidden Heroes contribute selflessly without the advantage of profile. The Henley Hidden Heroes scholarship is for unsung citizens, who’s true north is social impact, and who through advancing their leadership and management skills can make an even greater difference for the greater good.

Value of the Scholarship

Partial or full tuition fees of programme

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria need to be met by applicants in order to be eligible for this scholarship

  • Citizen of any African country, including South Africa
  • Not a high profile or well-known individual
  • Focused on social change
  • Meet the admission requirements for the specific programme (in terms of both academic and management experience) – see the “How to Apply” section on the specific programme pages for these requirements

Granting of this scholarship is dependent upon Henley’s standard Terms and Conditions.

Please only submit a scholarship application if you meet these criteria.

Special Conditions

As this scholarship is for tuition only, all other expenses are for the scholarship recipient’s cost. The scholarship recipient must attend all lectures, workshops and immersions as per the published schedule supplied upon confirmation of enrolment.

Application process

Ensure you meet the entry requirements for the specific programme as well as scholarship eligibility criteria as specified above.

The programme entry requirements can be viewed on the applicable programme page on the website, under the “How to Apply” section.

Complete the application form

  • For MBA applications, download the form here.
  • For all other programme applications, download the form here.

Complete 2 reference forms, download the reference form here.
Write a 1000-word reflective essay that articulates the following:

  • What gives you purpose and fulfilment in the world?
  • Why is learning important to you?
  • Why do you want to study at Henley?
  • What initiatives are you currently involved in and how are you making a difference?
  • If you are a successful recipient of the Hidden Hero Scholarship, how will you benefit from this programme both now and into the future, and how will you ensure that others benefit from your learning in order to create a more prosperous Africa?

*For your essay, please submit a PDF & use Verdana font size 11, with 1.5 line spacing, and only

Prepare the following documents in PDF format

  • Reflective essay
  • Application form
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • Letters of reference x2
  • CV
  • Latest payslip

Please ensure that all the documents are submitted as these will be used to evaluate you on your social contributions, leadership qualities, creativity and innovation.

Complete the below form and upload the required documents

Submit your application