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Linda Buckley - Executive Education Director - Henley Business School
Linda Buckley – Director: EE – Henley Business School

Having grown 700% over the last six years, we’re a business that knows how to grow a business.

At Henley, it is our great pleasure to offer you programmes that are not only quadruple-accredited but also internationally relevant.

From three-day short courses to fully customised, NQF accredited programmes, to international immersions, we LOVE building and offering engaging and worthwhile learning and development opportunities.

We’re excited to have you join us for a Henley educational experience no other organisation is able to replicate.

Henley Business School - Custom Programmes
Henley Business School - Public Programmes

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Executive education courses at Henley Business School – your path to a better future

At Henley Business School, our executive management courses guide you through all aspects of business management. With us, learning interventions that deliver tangible results for you and your organization is key.

We offer both customised and programmes open to the public, designed to build the people who build the businesses that build Africa and the world.

We are ranked in the top 20 business schools worldwide by the prestigious Financial Times rankings – the highest ranked business school in South Africa!

When you choose Henley Business School Africa as your executive education partner, you access a wealth of international best practice business leadership development and coaching resources that are just as relevant and sought after in Africa as they are throughout the world.

How to apply to one of our executive courses in South Africa

To apply to one of our innovative courses, please fill in the form on our website or contact Aamir Suleman, our Sales Manager.

You can email Aamir at or contact us on 011 808 0878 with any further queries regarding the courses we have on offer.

Customised business courses tailored to help people and organisations excel

By addressing your specific organisational challenges and goals, we can help you by developing customised business courses. Based on immersive diagnostic assessments performed in partnership with you and your organisation’s key people, we develop customised programmes that will materially improve your organisation’s performance.

Our customised solutions also include learning consulting services such as accreditation, learning design, programme directorship and learning & development master classes.

Where to find the best business courses in South Africa

Our customised solutions provide bespoke learning interventions that deliver tangible results, and we are proud of our successful associations with a wealth of blue-chip companies in South Africa, across the continent and throughout the world, including 3M, SAB Miller, Liberty, Food Lovers Market, Bidvest, SA Reserve Bank, Aegon, Barclays, Canon, Ford, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft, RBS Insurance, Shell, Vodafone and Zurich Insurance Group.

For further information about our specialised business courses, please contact Aamir Suleman | 011 808 0878.


Frequently Asked Customised Programme Questions:

How Do We Build A Customised Solution For You?

Listening to your needs is critical for us to help your organisation stand out.

At Henley Business School Africa we understand the importance of understanding. That’s why we work intimately with you in order to understand your organisation’s aims, challenges and unique needs. Typically, our approach involves four stages:

  1. Diagnostic exploration – We design diagnostic interviews and run focus groups with your organisation’s top team and a cross-section of your key people to explore the strategic issues impacting your business.
  2. Co-design – We work together with your team to co-design a learning solution that supports your organisation in reaching your strategic objectives.
  3. Run the programme – We develop and run a dynamic programme of activities, gathering feedback and consistently assessing and reshaping what we’re doing, to ensure we focus on the real challenges your organisation faces right now.
  4. Review – We rigorously contextualise and review organisational and individual progress and outcomes with your senior teams.

Where Do We Offer Customised Programmes?

An international footprint spanning 16 countries.

The Henley Business School international network of people and partnerships spans Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa – giving us local insights into global issues, and ensuring that wherever you may need us to be, we’re alongside you if you’re already there or waiting for you if you’re not.

And with our 70 years of experience in developing executives and organisations in all four corners of the globe, we’re well-placed to apply our experience, expertise and insight to your unique needs and challenges and to work together with you to fulfil the potential of your organisation and its people.

What Is Our Approach To Co-Creation?

We co-create with you to generate value from a customised business course.

At Henley Business School, we understand how important it is for you to get optimal value from customised business courses, which is why it is our mission to provide you with course information that will not only help you manage your business, but ensures business growth and success.

Henley Business School Africa’s approach to collaborating with you and your organisation is based on six pillars.

  1. We commit ourselves to building an honest and enduring working relationship with you.
  2. We aim to provide an expert and objective viewpoint that allows you to accurately identify your organisation’s key strategic challenges, thus ensuring that all development programmes directly address these challenges.
  3. We seek to provide a simple, seamless “end-to-end” process, from a rigorous identification of talent through to effective development of leadership potential.
  4. We undertake to work closely with you throughout the entire process of design, development, implementation and review to ensure that our approach is always of optimum relevance to your organisation’s needs at every stage.
  5. We will provide professional learning events with an atmosphere and infrastructure highly conducive to learning.
  6. And we will work together with you to develop best-practice methods of measuring the impact of our interventions on your organisation and its people.

If you want to know more about the best customised business course in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact Aamir Suleman | 011 808 0878

Will We Receive A Qualification?

Our qualification programmes blend academic rigour with practical business relevance.

Forward-thinking organisations throughout South Africa and across the continent recognise the importance of investing in their key people, encouraging talent to flourish and ensuring that potential is realised.

To help your organisation achieve this, Henley Business School Africa’s tailored qualification programmes combine the expertise, innovation and rigour that imbue our world-ranked MBA and other postgraduate business qualifications with the unique and specific needs of your organisation.

If you want to know more about the best customised business course in South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact Aamir Suleman | 011 808 0878

The quality of our programmes puts us in the top 20 business schools globally.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PGDip)

Henley Business School - MBAid - Mentoring Guiding Coaching Non Profit Executive Volunteering

This postgraduate diploma programme shifts knowledge, emotions and behaviour through experiential and action learning. By doing this, we help students become knowledgeable, well-rounded business managers and leaders.

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Advanced Certificate in Management Practice (ACMP)

Henley Business School Africa - Advanced Certificate in Management Practice (ACMP) - management leadership development

Advanced Certificate in Management Practice (ACMP) – This NQF level 6, CHE accredited programme provides junior and early middle managers with operational context and knowledge to optimally manage operations.

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ICE+ Management Programme (Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship)

Henley Business School Africa - ICE Programme - Creative Entrepreneurship Innovation

The programme is designed to build a new type of leader, one who can live and drive the pace of innovation, who can be creative and still be disciplined, astute and commercially successful.

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

finance for non-financial manager - henley business school

The Finance for Non-Financial Managers workshops are ideally suited to non-financial managers and business owners who wish to increase their financial knowledge, with the purpose of analysing their businesses and making informed business decisions..

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Professional Certificate in Coaching

Henley Business School Africa - Certificate in Professional Coaching - Management Leadership Development Executive

The Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching is an international qualification accredited in the UK. It is the first stage of the international Henley Masters in Coaching & Behavioural Change qualification. Successful completion places you on the Henley Business School international register of coaches.

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Executive Speaker Programme

Henley Business School Executive Speakers Programme

Learn to create structured talks using proven methods, techniques and frameworks to deliver high impact, highly engaging messages through our Executive Speakers Programme, delivered in association with the Unique Speakers Bureau – USB.

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For Enquiries Please Make Contact With One Of Our Super Team:

Aamir Suleman
› 011 808 0878

Pranisha Behary
› 011 808 0868

Elijah Raseale
› 011 808 0906


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