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ICE+ Programme – The business management course for creative minds 

The ICE+ management course serves to effectively build creative acumen for business people and business acumen for creatives.

In this programme, you will develop both creative and business acumen - essential for you to be able to innovate and use your creativity to be successful in business.  It's not so much about product design, but more about developing new business models, new experience and service offering, new sales methods and financing options, new forms of partnership, new technologies, new ways of working with and collaborating with people.

With our compact training and development courses as well as management courses, you can be sure that your creativity, combined with business management skills, will boost your business potential.

This programme is dynamic, surprising, challenging and absorbing. You'll have lecturers, artists and surprise speakers who are at the top of their games commercially and creatively to share with you their invisible strategies for creativity and business success.

Who can apply for this management course?

You will be part of an exciting and diverse learning group at Henley Business School including creatives, MBA students, executives, participants of other courses as well as entrepreneurs. The programme is designed to build a new type of leader, one who can live and drive the pace of innovation, who can be creative and still be disciplined, astute and commercially successful.

Duration and structure for the ICE+ management course

Our digital marketing courses in Johannesburg span over two one-week modules spread over 6 months.


  1. Processes and systems for innovation and creativity
  2. How to create a resilient business
  3. Ways to finance creativity
  4. Branding
  5. Rapid business model innovation and design-led thinking
  6. Creative problem solving
  7. Managing creatives
  8. Disruptive technology enablement


  • Block 1: 2018 TBC
  • Block 2: 2018 TBC


R39,000 excl. VAT

Should you want to know more about the management courses in South Africa, please give us a call at Henley Business School.


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