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The Ten Commandments of Corporate Communication: 19 September

Date: 2017-09-19

Start Time: 7:30 am

End Time: 11:00 am

“The world of strategic communication has become critical in modern governance. One needs an ongoing communication with one’s stakeholders to understand their legitimate needs, interests and expectations. Boards need to take account of these needs, interests and expectations…” – Judge Mervin King (Forward to Beyond the Corporate Sludge, Brenda Kali, 2012)


While this is increasingly true, we still battle to implement well-forged strategies. Even the term strategic corporate communication is almost unpronounceable, perhaps an indication of how difficult it is to grasp and fully harness this corporate function.


Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, middle managers, communication professionals, marketing managers, public relations practitioners, reputation and brand managers, business owners, CEO’s and MD’s.


On the programme:


1. Seeing the Leave: Simple effective training to see solutions instead of challenges (Charles Maisel)

Learn a lifelong life skill; how to generate innovative new ideas on a daily basis and why this is so important for you, your work, your business and family’s future.


“I realized that THE TRUE DEFINITION OF INNOVATION (in my opinion of course) IS THAT YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SEE IT. SEEING THE LEAVES has and is my mantra for Innovation.” – Charles


Come and learn how from spending a day on a wine farm Charles developed this simple and practical technique to teach solution thinking using newspapers. If you want to think solution, you need to define the problem and newspapers are littered with problems! It is accessible, visual and factual. Easily taught to preschoolers and PhD candidates alike with the same simple premise – find the challenge and you will find the innovative, groundbreaking solution.


2. The 10 Commandments of Communication Strategy Design (Surisa Nel)

- System’s thinking simplified and applied to corporate communication: Contextualizing corporate communication as a strategic function

- The 10 Commandments of designing a communication strategy that will yield return on investment: An overview of the 10 steps and how to implement it

Asking questions like:

Understand the game plan supporting your go-to-market strategy by recognising:

  • What is your business strategy?

  • What should your communication strategy be?

  • What is your authentic message?

  • What does your stakeholder landscape look like?

  • How should you talk to your stakeholders?

  • What are the tools in your toolbox?

  • How do you create a communication calendar and a budget?

  • How do you execute and acknowledge feedback to ensure maximum ROI?


3. First Aid Fire Break Kit – Crisis Comms 101 (Tumi Mkhondo)

Crises, typically, are defined as incidents/events/emergency situations, which have the potential to:

  • Interfere with normal business operations

  • Jeopardise the positive public image of the company or its officers

  • Damage the company's bottom-line in any way

  • Escalate in intensity, or

  • Gain unwarranted attention from outsiders, such as the media or government


Questions that will be asked and answered enable to draw up a Crisis Comms Manual template:

  • How can you prepare for the unknown?

  • Identifying potential crises

  • Setting up guidelines on specific incident, prevention and management protocols