Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Unleash your innovative powers, creative potential, and entrepreneurial spirit with our ICE+ management programme, which offers creative acumen for business people and business acumen for creatives.

Finance For Non-Financial Managers

Many managers, who do not have a financial background experience difficulty coming to grips with the financial aspects of a business problem, or in communicating with financial people.

  • Profitability
  • Cost Management
  • Cash Flow
  • Financial Health
  • Budgeting

Professional Certificate in Coaching

The Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching is an international qualification accredited in the UK. It is the first stage of the international Henley Masters in Coaching & Behavioural Change qualification.

  • Diagnostic Exploration
  • Co-Design
  • Run the Programme
  • Review

Enterprise Risk Management

All entities face risk in the pursuit of value. Risk affects an organisation’s ability to achieve its strategy and business objectives. Managing risk in Africa is managing risk in a volatile environment which is why better understanding and management of risk is imperative for business leaders in Africa.

The New Neuroscience in Leadership

Patricia has a reputation for making the complex simple. This is invaluable when helping individuals and teams to learn to use their brains more effectively. She has applied this understanding to many aspects of business including productivity, performance, decision making, stress and resilience, reducing unconscious bias, team building, change management and motivation.

  • Stress, Resilience & Emotional Regulation
  • The Neuroscience of Confidence
  • Decision Making & Planning