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An MBA programme to give creative acumen to business people and business acumen to creatives.

The MBA+ for Creative Activists and Innovators is evolved from our world-first MBA for Music and Creative Industries.


The MBA+ programme has been developed to provide creative acumen for business people and business acumen for creatives. The MBA+ combines the attendance on our international, triple-accredited Flexible Executive MBA programme with additional workshops, and speaker presentations focusing on progressive business ideas and practices for the creative economy.  Students will learn to build new forms of business models, work on creative and innovative projects, manage creatives and creative work, and understand their working future with emphasis on industry 4.0 and design thinking.  The programme will develop and grow the skills of current and future creative and music industry leaders as well as innovators and entrepreneurs in any industry or walk of life.

Whether you're in banking or film-making, consulting or music, mining or media, this MBA+ option will show you the secrets and methods of invention, design, building a new business and working with intangibles and intellectual property.  This is the MBA for anyone with an eye to participating in the complex global workplace that is our inevitable future.


Entry requirements

To join the MBA+ programme you will need:

  • an Honours degree or Postgraduate Diploma with a minimum of 3 years management experience (CHE requirement)
  • Competency in English
  • The ability to access company data for course assignment purposes


Apply today!

Complete your application online or email your completed application form  along with all of the supplementary documents, to

All applicants must submit:

  1. a completed application form,
  2. certified copies of degree certificates,
  3. your CV and
  4. satisfactory references (ideally one business reference and one academic reference).

Once we receive your application, the Henley Admission Panel will assess your suitability for the programme and you will be informed in writing as soon as possible of the panel’s decision. Please be aware that incomplete applications will delay consideration.

You may be required to attend a personal interview with a member of the Henley faculty and you may have to undergo additional assessment processes.


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